Feel calm even if only slightly

ketenangan terasa sejak 2 3 ary lepas..arap kekal..aminn :)
akhirnya i meet sumone yang willing nak bantu saya..
segala galanya telah saya bukukan kepada dia..
saya akan senantiasa ingat anda yaa :)

to K @ p.p
thank SOo much to you K @ P.P..
even kita baru rapat..tapy anda sgt memahami saya..
xsalah saya pilih anda sbgai tmpt mgdu.. :D
later o myb often i will talk talk with you..
thank give me advises.. i'll try my best to help myself so..
i know only you are the one can help me re-create the spirit of self..
i thought if i tell u everything i'm gonna face problem.. 
but it false..
i feel comfortable express my problems to you..
thanks becoz u're willing to spend some time listening to my stories..

To u mystery
im soo soo sorry if i had change myself to much..
i don't think you deserve it..
i wonna wait for u.. if u want just go a head..who cares??
yess i admit i care bout u more than myself!!
i will make sure that u wanna o could't hurt me anymore..

Suka ? like la .. :)

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